As the manufacturer of KI-DISCUS, a complete spare parts service is available. The most frequently used KI-DISCUS items which are always in stock are:

Part Number Spares Description
M6268501 KI-DISCUS Bearing House Assembly
M4242201 KI-DISCUS Drive Belt
M3251502 Generator Hub
M3247219 Metallised Spinning Disc
M6251502 Generator Hub and Disc Assembly
M3255302 Nebuliser Nozzle
M4254806 Peristaltic pump motor with Capacitor attached
M4263812 Petri Dish with cover 52mm diameter
M3255304 Sensor Cone Nozzle
M4274205 Sensor Opto Scan Switch
M4264405 Silicon Tubing 1.6mm wall x 1.6mm bore
M4246603 Splash Cover (Pump/Disc/Blower etc)
M6243929 Spray Generator Signal Lead Assembly
M3263000 Tool to Centre Disc
M6250101 Vacuum Guage Assembly


For current pricing or further information on KI-DISCUS spares, please fill in the contact us form and we will get back to you.