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Servicing and Calibration

 KI-DISCUS servicing and calibration service is carried out at our UK manufacturing facility in Hampshire. The following is the service specification:

  1. On receipt of KI-DISCUS unit, carry out our functional test, inspect unit and submit report of work/parts recommended that are not covered within the KI-DISCUS calibration service. Carry out such work as agreed.

  2. Calibration service to include:
    • Carry out a PAT test.
    • Check integrity of internal wiring and external cablesand associated connectors
    • Replace metallised spinning disc.
    • Examine bore and condition of nebuliser nozzle and delivery rate of peristaltic pump.
    • Check spray generator bearing assembly for wear.
    • Check condition of and tension on drive belt.
    • Clean opto sensor and check distance.
    • Check condition of cones in sampling heads.
    • Check vacuum at sampling heads and verify accuracy of vacuum guage in tool kit.
    • Examine and replace as necessary 'O' rings.
    • Calibrate speed controller to spray generator to achieve 28000 rpm +/- 250 rpm.
    • Replace defective parts as necessary and agreed with customer.
    • Issue Calibration Certificate.

  3. Arrangements can be made to collect and re-deliver the unit by a specified carrier conversant with handling KI-DISCUS equipment.
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